Article quoted from Ashland Chemicals 'FR Strategist Newsletter' Summer 07' issue.

the cap at union station fiberglass
The Cap at Union Station
"For the first time in more than 40 years, there is a good reason to walk over Interstate 670 in downtown Columbus, Ohio. The reason is a one-of-a-kind bridge, the Cap at Union Station. New highways often divide communities, and bridges alone rarely solve the problem. All too frequently, the divided neighborhoods develop separately, never to be reunited. The City of Columbus came up with a unique and daring solution to an old problem. Rather than creating new projects on either side of a major freeway, why not build a completely new shopping and The Cap at Union Station entertainment facility right on top of it? The resulting Cap at Union Station is a $7.8 million retail development designed and built to reconnect downtown Columbus with its burgeon- ing Short North Arts and Entertainment District. The City of Columbus teamed up with Continental Building Systems and Meleca Architecture Inc. to make the Cap at Union Station a reality. According to Karl Hasenstab at Continental Building Systems, “The goal was to emulate the look of the original Union Station.” Because the cap was in reality an overpass over Highway 670, there was a great deal of
concern about weight in the materials of construction. The use of stone was not an option. The Ohio DOT was also concerned about the potential for rock to fall on the highway running underneath the Cap. Edon Corporation (Horsham, PA) demonstrated to the city planners, Continental and Meleca that FRP based on Ashland HETRON® FR resins was the solution to this problem. Edon was able to match the look and feel of the stone used in the original Union Station. Efforts to mimic the look of the old Union Station façade with molded aluminum or synthetic stucco fell short of this goal. Not only was Edon able to save precious weight in the design of Union Station, but they demonstrated that FRP could provide enormous advantages in design freedom. In fact, Edon fiberglass panels, cornices and cupolas, based upon HETRON FR resins, have become a standard in the architectural industry. These FRP structures are an economical and practical application in today’s building industry. They are lightweight, easy to install and have a life span equal to or surpassing the material they are replacing. With the incorporation of HETRON FR resins, these FRP structures can also provide Class I FR performance. Edon architectural products have been on buildings for more than 43 years. The Cap at Union Station earned international attention by placing in the top three international world leadership awards for “Architectural and Civil Engineering” in 2005. The Cap also was proclaimed a Charter Award Winner in 2006 by the Congress for the New Urbanism. As Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman wrote, “This downtown development should be a model for other cities searching to reconnect the urban fabric that was cut by the construction of freeways. The I-670 Cap bridges the canyon separating our great Short North Arts District with a seamless landscape of shops, restaurants and a great historic design.” Edon Corporation and Ashland Composite Polymers are proud to have been a key part of this effort."